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Knockout Fitness in Lake Mary FLorida has been training people in the area just like you since 2003. When you come in for your first visit, you'll see the difference of taking fitness kickboxing classes at a professional Fitness Kickboxing facility. We provide a very safe and empowering environment, where students train at their own pace and naturally push themselves to do and be better. Fitness kickboxing is a great way to get in shape in shape and learn fundamental self-defense techniques without worrying about someoneone hitting you. We offer the best experienced instructors, clean equipment and facilities and a great class every time.

Come join us for a bag slamming, heart racing, music cranking, 800+ calorie burning experience, that leaves you on the mat drenched in sweat but smiling the whole time. Remember this... In a tribe, the members have a sole purpose in life. They depend on each other, they lean on each other, and they celebrate each other’s victories. Sound cool huh? We’ll you don’t have to go a faraway place to belong to one. You’re here. Welcome to the Knockout Fitness tribe!


Our team of highly qualified martial arts and fitness instructors are here to provide you with a fun, safe and effective workout program.

Rhonda Myers

Vanessa Lynn
Program Director/Head Coach

Mike Friedman
Owner/Head Coach

Kat Ciresi

Melissa Levy


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